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Joldersma and Klein Funeral Home Inc

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Kalamazoo, MI 49001

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Joldersma and Klein
Funeral Home Inc.

Memorial Services, Crematory, Cremation, Funeral Services Kalamazoo

Joldersma & Klein Funeral Home is Kalamazoo's longest established funeral home. We provide traditional funeral, memorial and cremation services to the Kalamazoo area.

"When you want to be treated like family."

Let us take the burden off your loved ones with our Responsible Funeral Planning Program.

Funeral Service Types we offer at Joldersma & Klein, Kalamazoo
Since everyone, and every family is unique and has their own beliefs and wishes, we attempt to accommodate you with your special requests and wishes. We are here to be your partner in the planning and accomplishment of a dignified and appropriate service for your loved one. We offer:

Traditional Burial Services
A traditional funeral allows friends and family ot say good bye, and share in the life of the deceased. A visitation , or viewing is common the night before, or a few hours before the burial service. We will work with you to arrange where and when you want the visitation and the funeral, even if they are at different locations. Traditionally, the body is laid to rest after the service, offering a time for mourning and support to help with the process of healing, which provides closure for all. Click for our Burial Package & Pricing

Memorial Celebrations
A memorial service is similar to a traditional service in that it allows friends and family to come together to share memories, mourn together, celebrate life with joy and tears acknowledging the life of the deceased together. The difference is that a memorial service does not involve the viewing as the deceased is cremated and their remains are disbursed per families wishes; therefore a memorial photo, urn or other media representing the deceased represents your loved one during the service. Due to no body to transport, this service can be held anywhere. Click for Cremation Packages & Pricing

We will help you plan and organize to create the perfect meaningful details for this special time.

We take pride in our high level of consideration and understanding at this delicate time and are experienced in simplifying the funeral process for you. Allow us to help you create the perfect celebration of life when you need it the most.
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